New Puppy Must Haves!

You are buying a new puppy and overwhelmed with what to buy! 

We have added amazon links below for you to easily select some of the things you might need!

What are the best products? Best foods? Best toys?

We have gotten rid of the guess work and created a tried and true new puppy product list that is full of our favourite must haves as your puppy grows! Yes theres other products out there that you can purchase but as breeders and pet owners these are the products we continuously use that we enjoy! We have added links below for you to get direct access to these products. Otherwise you can also click ob the pictures shown and you will also be directed to amazon.

  1. Midwest puppy pen is temporarily sold out this pen is similar
  2. Fromm Puppy food –
  3. Pet bed –
  4. Booster seat for car –
  5. Toys –
  6. Ear cleaners –
  7. Treats and security – not necessary but fun!
  8. Shampoo –
  9. Conditioner –
  10. Nose balm – Temporairly out of stock
  11. Bowls –
  12. Retractable leash –
  13. Portable water bottle –
  14. Zinc for wounds & rashes – 
  15. Door bell – Our crew loves ours but again not necessary!
  16. Car seat covers –
  17. Baby wipes –
  18. Nail clippers –
  19. Dremel –
  20. Hair removal for shedding in house –
  21. Hair removal for shedding on dog –
  22. Retractable safety gate –
  23. Wobble was ball –

Crate Must Have!

We 100% recommend a crate with a grate and a tray!

Why? Because if you leave your home for a couple of hours or even if you are sleeping and the puppy needs to potty and you are not available to take the puppy out, this will eliminate the pup from sitting in its own faces or urine. This will make life so much easier for you. You will not be stuck bathing your puppy daily disrupting the natural PH balance of its skin. Also saving you many moments of frustration. Crate training is a safe effective way of training your puppy! It will NOT ruin your puppies feet or paw pads. The goal is not for your dog to live in the crate but to simply use it as a place of their own. This crate has a grate your dog can walk on and when your new puppy goes potty the mess simply falls through onto the pee pads for easy clean up.

Food and Probiotics

Grooming Products

Slow feeder that can’t be tipped over by puppy

Adding Games? See below!!

Bedding We Like!

The cot is especially nice for keeping your dog off the ground during the summer days. By being elevated off the grass in a cool place while outside you will help avoid your god getting bug bites or stung by small insects on the ground. You will also help them stay off the grass and avoid getting itchy from the grass. The other beds shown are easy to wash and grate for indoors.

Products we love that make our life easier!

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