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HOW LONG ARE MOMS PREGNANT FOR ? Typical gestation ranges from 58 to 65 days. Our girls typically whelp on day 63.

WHEN DO PUPPIES START EATING SOLID FOOD? Every breeder is different but we start to slowly transition our guys to soft food at 4-5 weeks of age. The transfer depends on how demanding they are when on mom and if there seems to be a demand for supplemental food.  They will still get mothers milk but will also be given soft food with probiotics and goats milk. The transfer is done very carefully as puppies can get campylobacter jejuni and it can be deadly. All feeding items are bleached and cleaned thoroughly after use, feeding area sanitized and puppies are wiped down with unscented hypoallergenic baby wipes and typically once 6 to 8 weeks end up being bathed every few days while being treated for parasites.

CAN PUPPIES STAY ON MOM LONGER THAN 8 WEEKS? No! Puppies like humans get teeth and those tiny scissor sharp teeth come in around 4 and 5 weeks of age. They start to hurt mom and can cause her a great deal of stress from being bitten.

HOW MANY LITTERS DO MOMS HAVE? Every breeder is different but our preference is from 1 to 3 litters depending on many different variables.

HOW OLD ARE THE MOMS WHEN BRED? Again it depends on the moms but always after their second heat (menstrual cycle)

HOW LONG AFTER MOM HAS PUPPIES ARE WE ALLOWED TO VISIT AND PLAY WITH OUR PUPPY? When we have unvaccinated puppies in our home they are susceptible to diseases and bacteria that may compromise their immune systems if brought into their environment. For this reason we never allow anyone to come to our home while we have puppies. ITS NOT A RISK WE ARE WILLING TO TAKE and yes some families don’t like that but compromising their health just to make a sale is not worth the risk.

CAN WE COME PLAY WITH THE PUPPIES? We understand puppies are cute and playing with puppies adorable but we are very protective of the overall health of our puppies and moms. Germs are invisible and even though you have good intentions you might bring a deadly virus, corona virus, Parvo, Guardia etc into our home unknowingly.

WHEN ARE PUPPIES ALLOWED TO GO TO THEIR NEW HOMES? The puppies will have their first vet visit at 8 weeks of age. We always use Thornbury vet. Once the puppies are seen and had their first set of vaccinations they are free to start going to their new homes after that but again it depends on the family lifestyle. NEVER BEFORE 8 WEEKS!

CAN WE COME VISIT YOUR FACILITY? We are not a breeding facility, we are not a business location, we are not a pet store. We are a family that lives in a home with 4 adult female dogs we run our small breeding program with the help of guardian homes (Ryans parents, my parents and our best friend) this buddy system works amazingly for us and the frenchies because no one is struggling to get more affection and allows us to live in a very settled calm atmosphere.

IS THE PUPPY POTTY TRAINED ALREADY?  Simple answer is NO. Puppies are still learning how to hold their bladder. Potty training is something that will take time and get better as they grow. Please see helpful links to learn about potty training.

DO THEY SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT? We run a pretty tight ship around here and due to our work/kids/life schedule the puppies become accustomed to sleeping from 10pm to 7am. This does not mean they will do they same at your home. The transition from one environment to another is typically smooth however if your puppy does cry through the night simply cover their crate with a breathable blanket to block the light and make them feel secure.

CAN I GIVE THE PUPPY THE OTHER BRAND OF FOOD I BOUGHT? We highly recommend you keep your new puppy on the food we provide you for a minimum of 6 months of age. If you decide to switch food brands do it slowly!!! If you don’t do it very slowly your puppy may suffer from upset stomach and get diarrhea.

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