2023 Waiting List Open

Welcome to RAD Frenchies!

You are looking to add a new family member to your home, started your vetting process and ended up in the right place!


We are Canadian Kennel Club registered breeders of merit, in good standing with the CKC, who have been breeding French bulldogs for well over a decade!

 We are a small family with a big passion for French bulldogs! Each breeding we complete is carefully done to ensure we are producing our absolute best!  Most of our dogs in our breeding program have been produced by us and are 3rd and 4th generation offspring of RAD Frenchies. This means we have an in depth comprehensive understanding of their genetics and structure our lines! We know their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and some great great grandparents! We have spared no expense over the years to ensure we are producing you with a puppy that has derived from some of the best lineage and breeders in the world! 

French bulldogs CAN BE prone to breed specific diseases such as elongated palate, tracheal collapse, allergies, flank alopecia, hip dysplasia and more. But they don’t have to be!….

We at RAD Frenchies believe Frenchie ownership should be a positive one!

We Orthopedic Foundation Test our adults to ensure they are healthy at the time of breeding! We complete hips, heart, patella, spine and trachea! Trachea testing through the OFA ensures there is no evidence of Tracheal Hypoplasia. We test to ensure the trachea does not have a decreased luminal diameter resulting in breathing difficulties & have a TLR greater than or equal to 2.0. None of our dogs have loud rattled breathing or trouble breathing. We also complete a variety of tests completed through animal genetics to ensure they’re clear of breed specific hereditary diseases but in all honesty the OFA testing is the big one! Not only does OFA testing prove your puppies parents are registered with the kennel club it proves the breeder is going the extra step to ensure they’re going above and beyond to produce healthy babies.

We have no allergies, no alopecia, no elongated palate or any breed prone ailments with our adults. Rest assured if one of our adults became symptomatic of anything including allergies they would not be bred!! 

At RAD Frenchies our mission is to breed the healthiest dogs we possibly can to better the breed and provide you with a new family member you can enjoy and love for many years to come. 

We have a couple spots left for 2023!


Before You reach out!

1)Read about us. Read all information on our site. Read Q &A

2)Ask our references including our vet Thornbury Vet 519.599.1245 we also use Allandale vet in barrie.

3) Complete puppy application via copying/paste and emailing to radfrenchies@hotmail.com we will review your application and respond within 48 hours. 

4) If approved we will reach out to you to congratulate you!

If you decide to proceed once approved, you will be required to secure your spot with a $500 deposit at your convenience Via e transfer to radfrenchies@hotmail.com accompanied by a text with your name, phone number, address and email. NOTE: All of our puppies are $6000.00 regardless or color or gender because color doesn’t determine quality or health. Good genetics do.

5)Once approved you will be instructed to follow our Instagram @rad_frenchies where you will be added to a private group chat that will provide you with behind the scenes updates that the general public doesn’t see.  

Its That easy! Deposits are always 100% refundable if we can’t produce what you want within the first year. Payment of puppy must be completed in full 24 hours prior to pick up.

What comes with your puppy?

Canadian Kennel Club registration for your pup. Friendly reminder its illegal for a breeder that advertises as CKC registered to sell puppies unregistered.  1st set of vaccinations and proof of health check completed by Thornbury veterinary clinic. Pet Plus puppy insurance. Comprehensive take home package and more!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Ryan & Dawn

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