Puppy Application & price

Thank you for trusting RAD Frenchies to provide you a healthy puppy to love


  • Are you aware in order to get on our list you must put down a $500 Non refundable deposit?
  • Puppies are $6000 each. You deposit will be added to your balance.
  • Is everyone is your home onboard with adding a puppy to the family?
  • Are you buying this puppy for someone? Please explain if yes
  • Why this breed?
  • Where do you live?
  • In what conditions will the dog live?
  • What type of diet are you planning on feeding your new pet?
  • Are you going to feed a vegetarian diet?
  • are you going to feed raw only? if yes do you have experience with raw?
  • Do you have a fenced yard?
  • What other pets do you own now?
  • Breed type?
  • How many?
  • Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
  • What is your phone number, and best time to call you to confirm this isn’t a spam email?
  • Social media accounts?
  • How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?
  • Have you ever owned a pet before?
  • How long did your last pet live?
  • How did your last pet pass away?
  • how would you describe yourself?

  • Is anyone in your home afraid of dogs?
  • If you have children have they played with dogs or have experience with dogs?
  • Where will the puppy go in the event of a relationship breakdown?
  • Where will the puppy go in the event you’re no longer able to care for it?
  • Are you aware there’s a fine in the event you breed or accidentally breed the dog?
  • Are you aware you can not take frenchies jogging or for vigorous exercises?
  • Do you have a trusted vet to take your future puppy to?
  • Who?
  • Due to the pandemic most vets are NOT taking on new customers so it is very important you make contact with a vet and ask how to become a client.
  • What is your age?
  • Do you have children?
  • what ages are your children?
  • Are you aware frenchies can have sensitive stomachs?
  • Is it ok to switch your puppy food frequently?
  • What would you do if your puppy had diarrhea?
  • Are you aware dogs in general can get parasites?
  • What would you do if your dog got a parasite?
  • What do you know about puppy development and training a puppy?

Reach out to us on Instagram @rad_frenchies after completing this application.

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